Taz's stammering poetry

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25th February 2022

Taz DeVille shares two of her poems about what it can feel like to stammer.

Internally screaming at the chatterbox

by Taz Deville

I hate you 
You have no idea why 
Every time you talk 
I just want to cry 
You find it so easy to talk 
The words keep tumbling out 
You're clueless that your words 
Make me want to shout 
SHUT up 
Be careful with the words you use 
Or they mingle and overlap 
Into a noise that blows my fuse 
For I struggle with words 
To get out a coherent sound 
I choose what I say carefully 
I don't bandy words around 
So, I listen to as many sounds as I can 
You find talking like child's play 
Where I negotiate the minefield 
To say what I need to say 
So, listen to what I do say 
Don't be pedantic when I speak up 
Or I'll internalise everything 
And just clam up 
My words have pathos 
Just as much as anyone 
But when I talk it's hard work 
It's not easy or much fun 
And why should the world be denied my voice? 
To hear what I have to say 
I'm just as important as you 
In my own special way.

Explaining my verbal disability

by Taz Deville

I'm verbally impaired 
But what does that really mean? 
When I talk, you don't hear 
My speech is seen 
For I grimace 
Roll my eyes back into my head 
So much to distract your senses 
You can't hear what is being said.

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Images provided by Taz.