STAMMA Five-year plan

At the AGM held in London on 13th October 2018, CEO Jane Powell outlined her five-year plan. 

Five-year plan

At the AGM Jane Powell emphasised that the BSA can only exist with a larger core team, providing extra services, with a larger income and supporter base. We have a target of 3,700 members by the end of 2019. The proposed re-brand, and subsequent campaign, will help us do that. Otherwise we face cutting staff and activities down to the bone again. We can test out the new brand and campaign – keeping the BSA name, but 'Trading as STAMMA' – and see how that runs. Or we can spend a year consulting over a new name and trying to secure another agency to see if they'll work with us.

A number of members expressed disappointment that there had been no consultation over the new name, and unhappiness with the proposed brand. Jane explained that she had simply seized the opportunity offered by the agency, that they had capacity over August to work with us, and taken it. 12 people who stammer, with a wide range of backgrounds and ages, were involved in the process, recruited via Facebook, the ESN, City Lit and the Trustees. Part of the reason the agency wanted to work with us was because several of the team are people who stammer and so they were keen to be involved in raising awareness and shifting public perceptions. A number of members pointed out quite vehemently that the BSA needs to reach out to young people if we are to have a future.  

After a lively discussion it was agreed that we should test out the new campaign. If it doesn't work, if it doesn’t bring in new members and financial support, then we’ll drop it and come back to the drawing board. Jane then presented the Strategic Objectives for the next 5 years:

Strategic objectives

1. Support more people who stammer


  • Recruit a professional to oversee BSA advice & information (Service Director).
  • To trial out a 3-month webchat/helpline service. 
  • Review BSA information, set up new website.

2019 Goals

  • Increased traffic on a new, stickier website.
  • An evaluated webchat pilot. 
  • 1,000 webchats and helpline calls.

2. To Build Community Support/Facilitate Networks


  • Ensure ESN learnings are pulled through to the new website.
  • Use the new site to platform stories, showcase setting up local/online groups.
  • Seek funding/grants to support Network/Local Groups coordinator.

2019 Goals

  • Network/Local Groups coordinator funded.
  • 3,700 members & supporters.
  • Increase in local groups, online groups.

3. Educate The Public About Stammering


  • Rebrand the BSA and create a new website which will help visitors understand difficulties facing those who stammer and understand how to best respond. 
  • Produce public information on materials such as postcards, buttons, stickers to enable supporters to communicate our messaging to the public.
  • Develop and implement a proactive communications and marketing strategy.

2019 Goals

  • BSA to benchmark levels of understanding on causes of stammering, awareness of BSA, understanding of challenges faced by those who stammer.
  • BSA to reach more people who stammer and see a growth in membership and support base.

4. Manage the BSA Effectively & Efficiently


  • Implement Salesforce and build a responsive, secure CRM system.
  • Refurbish BSA office.
  • Establish clear protocols and policies to protect staff and data.
  • Build and train staff team.

2019 Goals

  • £120K raised in donations & fundraising by the end of 2019. 
  • Integrated CRM system pulling data from fundraising platforms and from website. 
  • Refurbished office.
  • Robust policies and written procedures in place, compliant with GDPR.

Naheem Bashir suggested that as Trustee he could reach out and bring a body of experts together to help advise the BSA on issues such as Salesforce. 

*Update 23rd July 2020: The coronavirus pandemic has inevitably altered the landscape for STAMMA. Read our Statement on Owen Simon's Legacy for details on how Covid-19 has changed our plans and how we intend to use Owen's legacy.

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