Stammering & university video

22nd September 2022

Watch our video for guidance and tips on stammering at university.

This week we recorded an online session for students who stammer, so if you're just starting uni, you're already at uni, or if you're applying, this is for you.

The session provides useful guidance and tips on how universities support students who stammer and how you can access that support. Whether you stammer openly or not, universities can provide an inclusive, supportive environment for students who stammer.

Watch the video above. It's facilitated by Deborah Johnston, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at London South Bank University and a STAMMA Trustee, and she's joined by Claire Tupling, Research and Development Manager for the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance at the University of Derby, Kirsten Howells, Programme Lead for Adults at STAMMA, and Phil Hoddinott, Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University. All four speakers stammer.

More help

If you're starting uni this Autumn, check out our Freshers Week & Stammering article as well as the special Freshers Week episode of our podcast Around The Block. See also our College & University page for more tips and resources.

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Tayo & Bhupinder
A speaker on stage at STAMMAFest 2023

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