Emily Blunt & Joe Biden discuss stammering

29th July 2020

Actress Emily Blunt and former US Vice-President took part in a video call to discuss stammering for the American Institute for Stuttering's annual gala. Watch it here.

Earlier this month the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS) held their 14th annual gala, which was an online event this year thanks to the coronavirus. One of the features was a video conversation between actress Emily Blunt and former US Vice-President Joe Biden, who were discussing their experiences of stammering with journalist John Hendrickson.

It's about embracing that part of yourself, not masking it. 

(Emily Blunt)  

You can watch the video below:

In the 20-minute conversation, they talked about growing up with a stammer and how it has impacted their lives. Emily, a board member for the AIS, remembers being encouraged aged 12-13 by a teacher to take part in a school play, which she resisted at first but which turned out to be instrumental in her journey and career. Joe mentions his parents, who he says constantly built him up to believe in himself, instilling in him that his stammer didn't define him. Emily then goes on to talk about the misinformation in society and her desire to let children know that stammering isn't their fault.

It’s not your fault. I want kids to remember that. 

(Emily Blunt)

Despite being largely able to control their speech nowadays, they talk about times when their stammer still affects them, Emily finding it difficult when filming hi-octane scenes. They end the conversation talking about the benefits stammering has brought them. Joe declares his stammer to be the greatest gift he's been given and Emily gives the quote 'the cracked part of us is where the light shines through'.

It’s given me an insight which I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

(Joe Biden)

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