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A man talking into a telephone, next to a logo saying 'Vulnerability Matters: podcast by Money Advice Trust'

Listen to Lyndsay Edgington, STAMMA Employment Service volunteer, talking on the Vulnerability Matters podcast about the challenges faced by customers who stammer.

The podcast, from the Money Advice Trust, examines how firms are supporting consumers in vulnerable situations.

For this week's edition, host Chris Fitch invited STAMMA on to talk about how we're working with staff in banks, energy and retail organisations to better understand and meet the needs of customers who stammer.

Lyndsey, who has a background in financial services, does a brilliant job of explaining the challenges people face when phoning customer service lines, such as battling with voice recognition software and being hung up on if they have silent blocks.

She also gives some dos and don'ts for anyone working in call centres when speaking with callers who stammer.

Have a listen to Lyndsay on the Vulnerability Matters podcast

Our Employment Service provides resources for organisations including our 'Customer Contact Guide', and supports people who stammer with any work-related issues. Find out how the STAMMA Employment Service could help you.

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