ISAD 2021 for Employers, HR & the media

Can you imagine a world without Elvis Presley, Alan Turing, Winston Churchill, Lewis Carroll? Their lives shape our lives. They all had a stammer. Don't miss out on talent. 

Come along to our Stammering, Diversity & Inclusion Workshop on Friday 22nd October, 1:15pm-2pm. Learn about how to incorporate stammering into your organisation's Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

By the end of the session, you'll know:  

  • Key information about stammering 

  • The value employees who stammer can bring to your organisation 

  • Practical tips for welcoming people who stammer to your organisation and creating working environments in which they can thrive/

Book your place on our Stammering, Diversity & Inclusion Workshop.

It is great to hear people who stammer being interviewed about living with a stammer. But real change will only come when stammering is normalised. We need to hear people who stammer acting in a soap, reading the news or weather, chatting on talk shows.   

Sure, some of us can sound fluent, not all. Many of us successfully hide our stammer, but it would be nice not to feel we have to and talk naturally. 


  • Put us up for your workplace Charity of the Year. 
  • Help us start acclimatising people to hearing stammered voices by ensuring that public announcements on 22nd October (International Stammering Awareness Day) include people who stammer. Contact us if you'd like help on this. Email us at
  • Invite discussions about how to create change rather than on the impact of discrimination. 
  • We need to lose the negative depictions of stammering as a 'defect' which leave people feeling ashamed. See our Editorial Guidelines
  • Download our Stammering Messaging & Facts document below.