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New network for entrepreneurs

8th June 2023

Marin Mrša (pictured above) tells us about his new support network for entrepreneurs, or budding entrepreneurs, who stammer.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely path. But in combination with stammering, it's something else.

One of your biggest missions as an entrepreneur is to convince people of your vision. That can include speaking to new clients, investors, employees or the media. You need to sell your vision every day and speak a lot, one-to-one, in groups, or even in front of hundreds of people or on live TV or radio.

For most people, that would be a nightmare, but especially so if you stammer. It can be challenging to convey your business vision in a three-minute public speaking slot. It's hard to describe how a person who stammers approaches that kind of situation.

That's why I'm starting a new community where entrepreneurs who stammer can get support.

About me

I've made over 50 public appearances to promote my company and share my vision. In some of them I've been really confident and brilliant, and received spontaneous applause. In others, however, anxiety about my stammer overtook things and I felt I performed poorly. In those situations I felt terrible and was hurting. 

Stammering doesn't have to be your weak spot. It can be your secret weapon to stand out and achieve whatever you want.

But I knew that missing opportunities because of that anxiety would hurt even more, so I promised myself that I wouldn't miss any more opportunities. I accepted everything that came my way and embraced whatever came with it. The only downside of this is that I can't watch recordings of my public speeches because I can feel uncomfortable when I hear myself stammer. But I keep going.

Although stammering affects me I need to prepare more for public speaking, and sometimes feel I can't express myself as I want to it has given me a way to naturally stand out from the crowd. A lot of people who've seen me going for it have said I've inspired them. It's also given me mental strength and toughened me up a lot.

Stammering doesn't have to be your weak spot. It can be your secret weapon to stand out and achieve whatever you want.

Join the network

If you are an entrepreneur who stammers, if you aspire to be one, or maybe if you've got a great idea, join us, whether you're in the UK or abroad.

Email Vee at if you want to join. 

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Marin Mrša is the founder of research tech platform Peekator. 

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