Online survey into stammering & personality

Posted: 5th June 2023

Take part in Maritza's study into the relationship between stammering and personality.

Maritza Warnick, a student at the University of Edinburgh, says:

"Previous research has found that people who stammer can be more perfectionist, socially anxious and less outgoing than fluent speakers. However, this research is outdated, scarce, and only looks at a small number of personality traits. 

'On a scale that hasn't been done before, we're investigating how multiple personality traits differ in people who stammer compared to fluent speakers. We also want to look at how personalities differ within the stammering community. We hope it helps us better understand what support people who stammer need."

Take part

The online survey, link below, takes 10 mins to complete. To take part, you must be:

  • a person who stammers
  • aged 18+
  • based in the UK.

Click to complete 'The impact of stammering on personality' study. 

The survey is open until August 2023. For more information, or if you have any questions, email Maritza at

Get involved in other research

To see what other stammering research you can take part in, see our Studies Looking for Participants page.

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