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Workshop: Workplace adjustments for people who stammer (Oct)

Date/time range
Wednesday 9th October 2024 1:00pm – 2:00pm

A free online session giving tips and ideas for making things easier at work when you stammer.

If you stammer, it can seem like workplaces aren't set up with any thought for you. Speaking in meetings or with customers, using the phone, etc, can be really difficult.

At this 60-minute Zoom workshop on Wednesday 9th October, you can learn all about 'reasonable adjustments'. These are changes that you can ask your employer for that would make things easier if you stammer. 

We'll show you how workplaces can adapt so that staff who stammer feel welcome and can get on with their jobs. Come along whether you stammer yourself or if you work with someone who stammers.

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See Stammering At Work for more tips.

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