Talking Out Online: young people's course 2024

Date/time range
Saturday 2nd March 2024 2:00pm
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An online therapy course for young people who stammer aged 11-18 and their parents, from Talking Out Ltd and funded by STAMMA.

Talking Out, a speech and language therapy service, is running an online course for young people over two afternoon sessions this March.

About the course

The 'Talking Out Online: Mini' course aims to help 11 to 18 year-olds develop:

  • confidence in communicating
  • a more positive attitude to speaking
  • a lowered sensitivity to stammering
  • problem solving and self-help skills
  • positive thinking skills
  • a peer support network.

Over two consecutive Saturday afternoons, the course involves speech and language therapy sessions, group games and individual challenges. It will be held over Microsoft Teams. At the end of each 3-hour session, parents can meet online for an hour with the therapy team. 

Parents and families play a key part in the group and the group includes specific sessions aimed at supporting parents.

For more information about the course, visit Talking Out's website.

Dates & times

Session 1: Saturday 2nd March

2-5pm: Course for young people
5-6pm: Session for parents

Session 2: Saturday 9th March

2-5pm: Course for young people
5-6pm: Session for parents

How to book your place

If you'd like to join in, fill out the online referral form.

This course is fully funded by STAMMA. It is a mini version of Talking Out's longer courses.

Talking Out is just one of the options for young people. See Children's Therapy & Courses for the full list.

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