Celebrate the Voice: free online workshop

Sorry, this event has ended, but see what else is coming up.
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Saturday 5th December 2020 1:00pm

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A free collaborative online workshop for people who stammer & their friends and family, organised by School Of Beatbox, Stop Holding Back and the City Lit.

Date & times: Saturday 5th December, 1pm-4pm

Where: Online via zoom

Cost: Free

Danny Ladwa from the School of Beatbox says "This three-hour workshop will teach the art of beatboxing and explore ways to raise self-esteem, increase employability and be happy and successful as someone that stammers. Let's celebrate the beautiful voices we have and connect with the global stammering community."

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About Danny

Danny is an international touring beatbox and vocal artist. As well as teaching the art of beatboxing, School Of Beatbox run outreach projects that raise awareness about stammering.

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Sorry, this event has ended, but see what else is coming up.
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