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MS Teams Support Volunteer: Research Talks

Volunteer needed to help with tech support for our new online stammering research events.

In a recent survey, STAMMA members said they wanted to know more about research into stammering. In response, we've launched 'Research Talks', where we explore what research tells us about stammering.  

At each 60 to 90-minute event, a researcher explains the findings from a particular research project/set of projects. It could be about brain imaging research, research into therapy approaches, social attitudes towards stammering or a whole host of other topics!

They're held four times a year, either on a Saturday or during the evening, via the webinar function on Microsoft Teams.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a volunteer to support the hosts by setting up webinars and managing the events. It will involve:

  • Setting up Teams webinars and sending the links, dates and times to STAMMA's Web Editor and Comms Manager for promotion.
  • Contacting the speakers for short bios and pictures for the Teams registration page.
  • Being present during the Research Talks webinars to manage functionality such as recording, captioning and the waiting room.

Basic information

Hours: Average of less than 2 hours per month.

Day and time: The hours can be worked at your convenience, apart from the days when the Research Talks events are scheduled.

Location: Home-based.

Supported by: Members of STAMMA's Research Committee and Kirsten Howells (STAMMA's Director of Services).

What support will you get?

Regular contact with the Research Committee. Kirsten will be available to help with any questions or concerns.

Who might enjoy this volunteer role?

You're likely to enjoy this role if you:

  • have used Microsoft Teams previously and feel fairly comfortable with it
  • enjoy admin and attention to detail
  • are reliable and organised (as the events only happen four times a year, it's important you don't forget the dates!).

This role is open to volunteers who stammer and to those who don't. Stammering is not a requirement!

Other information

You will need to have access to your own computer or laptop.

As a volunteer you can, of course, step back from the role at any time. However, both you and the organisation are likely to get most out of the opportunity if you're able to volunteer with us for at least 12 months.

This is a volunteer role and is unpaid.

For more information

If you have any questions, or to express an interest in volunteering in this role, please email Kirsten at or phone her on 02045 824 130. We'd love to hear from you!

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