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Book your ticket at the StammaFest ConferenceWhy hold a conference?

We have a biennial conference. This is a chance for members and supporters, and those interested in becoming part of this community, to meet up and share experiences, relax and stammer/stutter. To find out more about stammering, share ideas about how we make the world stammer friendly, make and reunite with friends and find camaraderie with others who stammer. 

Do I have to be a member or supporter to attend?

No. But by all means sign up to be a member of Stamma, it is free. You can sign up here and then you can be sure of keeping up to date with conference details and other events.

Do I have to stammer to attend?

No. Anyone affected by, or interested in, stammering can come along. If you are a family member, partner, friend, colleague, speech & language therapist (SLT) or SLT student, you are welcome.

Why are tickets more expensive than previously?

The cost of our conferences vary year to year, depending on location, catering and entertainment. We’ve done our best to keep costs as low as we can. While it is more expensive than the 2018 conference, it is far less expensive than similar conferences held around the world.

Does the BSA plan on making a profit from StammaFest?

The plan is to break even.

I can’t afford the ticket prices – is there any way that I can apply for a concessionary price or free tickets?

We hope to be able to offer a limited number of subsidised places, but this is dependent upon grants. We’ll let members know as soon as we can and post details up on our website, this is likely to be around June.

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Why is the Saturday event a party rather than a formal dinner?

Sticking with the festival theme of StammaFest, we wanted a lively evening get-together where attendees could mingle freely across the course of the evening. We also felt that a party offered a more affordable option for our attendees.

What is included in the Saturday night party ticket?

Your party ticket includes street food, (we’ll do our best to cater for all diets), drinks vouchers plus entertainment and transport to and from the conference venue or the town centre.

How can I run a workshop at the conference?

We'll be asking for applications to present or run workshops shortly, so watch this space.

Can I buy tickets for my partner or friend for the conference and/or party?

Yes, although there are age restrictions for both the conference and party - see below.

What are the age restrictions for the conference and Saturday night party?

The conference and party is open to anyone aged 16 or older. Those aged under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult who will need to share their contact details with the StammaFest team upon arrival.

I want to bring my teenager but they are younger than 16. What should I do?

The main conference and party isn’t suitable for those aged under 16, but we hope to have a Family Workshop on the Saturday. This would be held on campus, a 3-minute walk from the main conference. This would be suitable for primary and secondary school children and their families. We will know by June whether this workshop will be happening, and we’ll email members and put up details on our website as soon as we know. At which point there should be around 30 free places available.  

How do I book accommodation for the conference?

The University of Sheffield offers accommodation on campus. The uni have their own booking system for accommodation, so you’ll need to book separately.

You can book accessible university accommodation which is on campus and within a 2-minute walk of the conference venue. Each room has a single bed and is en-suite, with access to a communal kitchen.

Or you can book your own hostel, hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation. If so, it would be brilliant if you could do so through Easy Fundraising or Give as you Live. We’ll then get a donation without costing you a penny.

What about breakfast?

Breakfast is included with the university accommodation. The campus also has an onsite shop and café.

Where is StammaFest being held?

The Edge, The Endcliffe Village, Sheffield S10 3ED

The Saturday night party is taking place at: 92 Burton Road, Sheffield,S3 8DA

How did you decide upon Sheffield as the location of StammaFest?

We rely on the work of volunteers to organise and curate much of the conference and a strong, passionate group of individuals led by Dean Ridge, founder of the Stamma Striders walking group, based in and around Sheffield have kindly taken on the responsibility for StammaFest 2020.

I have a business and would like to exhibit at the event or include my products or promotional items in your goody bags. How do I go about that?

Please email

I need to cancel. Can I get a ticket refund?

Only if you cancel and email us before 30th July.

I’d like to volunteer – who should I contact?

Email for information on volunteering at the conference.

My company is paying for my StammaFest pass – can you send me an invoice?

Yes, email using the subject line: ‘StammaFest 2020 invoice request’. Any tickets not paid for within 14 days of the invoice being issued will go back on sale.

Could we have the next conference in my town?

If you’d like to put yourself forward to coordinate our next conference, please email us at

When will the next BSA conference be?

Our conferences are biennial, so the the next one is 2022.

We hope these answer your questions. If not, email us You can book a place at StammaFest by going to our booking page here.

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