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For Parents

Has your pre-school child started stammering?

Should I be worried that my pre-school child is stammering?

Is it my fault that my child has started stammering?

What you're trying to achieve

Talking to a child

Becoming more comfortable with stammering

One-to-one time with your child

How to talk about stammering

Giving praise to your child who stammers

Using neutral language with children who stammer

My Stammering Child

Explores the concerns parents can have when their child starts stammering. Created by Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, in partnership with My Pocket Films and Action for Stammering Children.

How stammering relates to speech & language development

Stephanie Burgess, Specialist Speech & Language Therapist at Airedale NHS, explains the processes involved in understanding and using language, how that relates to the onset of stammering, and how we can support young children who stammer.

For Children

'My Stammering Tap'

A fantastic visual description of what it's like to stammer. Produced by NHS Humber Foundation Trust and Fuzzfeed, as part of its 'Hear in Hull' project to promote stammering awareness.

Sam's video: 'Dear world...I rock my stammer!'

When we shared his poem on social media, became something of a celebrity. Read all about Sam.

Poem: 'I have a stammer'

Children read a poem about stammering.

For Young People

Becoming a YouTuber when you stammer

Meet Elliot, who set up his own YouTube channel about his Lego creations.

Stammering & university: creating inclusive environments for people who stammer

An online session with guidance and tips on stammering at university.

See the header Tash's Vlog below to watch videos from Tash, aged 24.

Stambassadors: Check out a series of videos featuring people talking about their career and their stammer. Stambassadors was set up by Action for Stammering Children and aims to encourage young people to think big when considering career choices.

Tash's Vlog

Regular vlogger Tash talks about living with a stammer.

Stop trying to cure stammering

Tash chats with Tayo Adesegun from the STAMMA Arts Network about trolling comments about 'cures'.

My first stammering conference

Tash talks about attending STAMMAFest Global in August 2022.

Stammering virtually

The difficulties of video/virtual meetings when you stammer.

Responding to ignorance

Tash talks about how she deals with people who laugh, comment or react negatively when she stammers. 

Meeting new people at iniversity

Tash talks about the frustrations and anxiety around meeting new people. For anyone starting University, or about to start,she also shares the things that have helped her, and explains how she deals with the question, 'Have you forgotten your name?'

Talking on the phone

Tash talks about the telephone and how hard it can be to use it. If you find it difficult too, see our Everyday Tips page for help with using the phone.

Introducing Tash

In her first video blog, Tash explains the work that goes into speaking when you have a stammer.

Interviews & chats

Stammering & professional sport

Host Hayley Hassall chats with footballer Luke Ayling, former Scotland rugby captain Kelly Brown, sports agent Jon Smith and former jockey Katie Walsh about their experiences with stammering. From the BBC Stammering Support Network.

Why media representation is important

Former STAMMA Trustee Betony Kelly being interviewed on GB News about why we need to see and hear more people who stammer on TV, film and radio, on International Stammering Awareness Day, 22nd Oct 2022.

Chat with Patron James Davies

James is an osteopath who has treated top athletes, movie stars and singers. In this 2-part video, he chats with Bhupinder from the STAMMA Youth Panel about growing up with a stammer, how it affected his career choice and seeking help to deal with interviews for his book 'Body'. Read James's article too.


Interview/Q&A with author Jordan Scott

The writer of children's book I Talk Like A River talks about how he wanted to write a story to explain to his children the way their father talks.

One to One with author David Mitchell

The acclaimed author of Black Swan Green and Cloud Atlas chats with the poet Zaffar Kunial about how stammering influences his writing.

One to One with poet Zaffar Kunial

Owen Sheers chats with Zuffar Kunial about poetry, creativity and their links to stammering.

Interview with Sophie Raworth & Felicity Baker

 We asked them all about their BBC documentary 'I Can't Say My Name, from March 2021.

In Conversation: Margaret Drabble & David Mitchell

In a special event for International Stammering Awareness Day 2020, the bestselling authors and Stamma Patrons took part in an online discussion about the power of words and the language around stammering.

Interview/Q&A with author Jonty Claypole

We spoke with Jonty about his book 'Words Fail Us: In Defence of Disfluency'. Read our review of the book.

The Chat, with author Helen Rutter

We asked Helen all about her children's book 'The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh'. Read our review of the book.

One to One with poet Owen Sheers

Award-winning poet Owen tells us about how his stammer has influenced his work.


STAMMAFest Global 2022

Get a flavour of our conference in Liverpool, a join event with the International Stuttering Association's World Congress. Created by Bel Rickard.

Stammering in the Media

A online panel discussion on how TV & film portrays stammering and how it can be changed. Hosted by Scroobius Pip and recorded on International Stammering Awareness Day, 22nd October 2021.

Celebration of Stammering & the Arts, parts 1 and 2

A day celebrating diversity and creativity in people who stammer, March 2021, organised by the Cambridge local group. Read more about the event.

The Big Event: Changing Perceptions of Stammering

An event we hosted for International Stammering Awareness Day 2020.

The Art of Communication 

A film created by Doncaster Stammering Association to raise awareness of stammering and celebrate difference. The soundtrack and images used are from the groundbreaking 2012 Art of Communication exhibition (Funded by Arts Council England). Pictures from the exhibition are now on display at the Willy Russell Centre for Children & Adults who Stammer, Liverpool. (Note: the silence at the start represents a block.)

Our Campaigns

Not Just One Day

Launched for our No Diversity Without Disfluency campaign for International Stammering Awareness Day 2021. Sign our petition and help get more stammering representation on TV, radio and film.


Find The Right Words

Launched in October 2020, this campaign was all about changing the negative language used around stammering. In the video, Scroobius Pip explains how we edited nearly 200 Wikipedia entries about people who stammer. Read more.

Scroobius Pip on the Find the Right Words campaign

Pip, STAMMA Patron and narrator of the campaign gives us a few words.

For Professionals

Stammering & university: creating inclusive environments

Useful guidance and tips on how universities support students who stammer and how you can access that support, recorded in 2022. 

Stammering, Diversity & Inclusion

A webinar with tips on how you can welcome people who stammer to your organisation and create an environment to help them thrive, recorded in 2021.

Working with, teaching, and employing people who stammer

A webinar we ran in 2020 on ways to create an inclusive working environment.