Study: Behaviours of men seeking help for stammering

16th April 2021

Katy Allen, a speech & language therapy student from Manchester Metropolitan University, is doing her dissertation on things that affect men's decisions to get help for stammering, and invites you to take part.

Background & purpose

Katy says, "I have a keen interest in stammering and for my dissertation I want to answer the question: How do the behaviours of men seeking help for their stammer compare to help-seeking behaviours more generally in men? 

'I'm going to explore whether stigma around stammering affects men's decisions to get help for their stammer. I also want to look at the perception of masculinity and if that has a role to play. Then I'll compare this to trends among men seeking help in general."

How will it benefit people who stammer?

Katy goes on to say, "I hope that this research will educate therapists to be more aware of any past or present challenges/encounters in male clients who stammer. The results could also benefit the male stammering population because it may encourage the possibility for preventative strategies being developed. These are likely to reduce the chances of negative life experiences which can affect mental health, from a much younger age, for males who stammer.

What will it involve?

If you'd like to help Katy with her project, she'll ask you to attend one interview session lasting an hour maximum. In the interview she'll ask you about your experiences around deciding to get help for your stammer.

Who can take part?

Males aged 18+ with developmental stammers can take part in the research. A developmental stammer is a stammer that started when you were a child, not as an adult.

The project will run until May 2021.


If you'd like to take part or get more information, email Katy at

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