Study: your experiences of attending self-help groups

4th February 2021

A student from Leeds Beckett University invites adults to take part in her research into what people who stammer get out of self-help or support groups.

Background & purpose

Ashanti Allen says, "There is little research on the benefits that stammering self-help groups can have. With my study I want to get an in-depth understanding of the thoughts, feelings and lived experiences that participants have attending a stammering self-help group. I hope to gain more insight into the reasons people attend and what they get from the group."

How will it benefit people who stammer?

Ashanti says, "I hope the findings will help to raise awareness of the benefits of attending a support group. I also hope it will highlight some of the contributing factors for the successful management of a group."

What will it involve?

If you apply to take part, Ashanti will arrange a video or phone call with you, in which she'll ask you questions about your experiences. The whole thing will take no longer than an hour.

Who can take part?

Ashanti is looking for adults (18 and over) who stammer and who attend a stammering self-help or support group in the UK.

How to take part

If you'd like to take part in the research, or find out more, please email Ashanti on

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