Trustee Nominations 2020

Tim Fell, Stamma Trustee

Become a Stamma Trustee and help steer the organisation over the next three years. Members have until Monday 3rd August to nominate themselves or another member. Here are some thoughts from our Chair, Tim Fell on the subject. Or watch his video below.

It's that time of year again when we elect Trustees to help run your charity. It's difficult to overstate the importance of these annual elections because the successful individuals will have an influence on the future of Stamma.

Stamma BSA is a membership organisation and as such you, the members, have the right to elect two of your number each year to represent you.    

There are 6 elected Trustees on the board, each of whom serves a three-year term. Two of those trustees come to the end of their term each year, so two new ones need to be elected.

In addition to the elected Trustees we can also appoint trustees to fill any gap in the skills needed to run the charity. And at the moment we have six appointed trustees in addition to the six elected trustees.

Being a Trustee brings responsibilities and rewards.

The law defines Trustees as having control of the charity.  In other words, they are legally responsible. So, if anything goes wrong, the buck stops with us the trustees.

One of the key responsibilities is to ensure that Stamma has a crystal-clear vision for the future, and a strategy totally focused on achieving it.  But in addition to that we have the administrative role of ensuring that Stamma complies with all legal and regulatory requirements. And, of course, we are responsible for Stamma's culture.

Because we’re involved with major decisions, Trustees need to attend meetings. There are four full Trustee meetings a year which you are expected to attend.  In addition to that, there are various sub-committees dealing with areas such as research and therapies, local groups, financial matters, IT and infrastructure, personnel and HR. Trustees normally get involved, or lead, in one of these sub-committees.

The members elect you, as a Trustee, to contribute.  It’s a serious role. Members rightly have the expectation that you will be enthusiastic, positive, and willing to get fully involved in the effort to make a better life for people who stammer.

What about the rewards?

I can only speak for myself when I say that it's been an immensely rewarding experience. Being able to use your independent judgement to question, debate, challenge, and then to decide on all matters is hugely satisfying. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone, and I've learnt new skills.  And there is the sense that as a Trustee, in some small way, I’ve made a positive difference to the lives of people who stammer.

Perhaps the aspect I've enjoyed most is getting to know my fellow Trustees and the staff at Stamma, and a large number of people who stammer up and down the country, many of whom have been an inspiration, all of whom it has been a privilege to know.

To those of you who are considering who to vote for. You're making a serious decision that will affect the future of Stamma. Stamma will benefit most from Trustees who can consider a problem and come up with positive solutions: Trustees who recognise that everything we do is done for the good of people who stammer, to create a world where people who stammer can fulfil their potential and enjoy respect and consideration.

Thanks, and good luck!


In the video below, outgoing Vice-Chair Mandy Taylor tells us what it's like to be a Trustee. 

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