Welcome to Stamma

The start of a movement. A campaign to create a world where people who stammer are able to fulfil their potential and enjoy respect and consideration.

Right now we’re busy in the back office, getting the campaign ready for public engagement. Our aim is to support those who stammer. We’ll also help those who don’t by dispelling some myths and getting some education out there so they know how to behave and can help create a Stamma-friendly world.

We’ll launch by the end of March, so keep an eye out for adverts and posters and, if you spot them, please share them using the hashtag #mystamma.

We want more messages for the non-stammerers, serious or not, please share using the hashtag #mystamma. We may include your message on one of our posters.

We’re also harvesting some StammaStories, 70 words or less, highlighting some of the day-to-day difficulties faced by people who stammer.

Finally, we’d hate you to miss out. Get on our mailing list and join us. If you need information on or help for stammering now visit the British Stammering Association website at

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