Teletherapy (via video call)

A woman in a therapy setting making a video call on the computer

Speech therapy via video call (teletherapy, or telehealth) is available to people across the UK, allowing you to receive therapy via Skype or Facetime from the comfort of your own home. Two services offer teletherapy, and are listed below.

Airedale NHS teletherapy

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust runs a teletherapy service for adults across the UK if there is no NHS service where you live.

Run by the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, this service provides one-to-one therapy with a speech & language therapist (SLT). The SLT will be based in Airedale, but you can talk to them face-to-face online in the comfort of your own home on computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs via video call.

What therapy does it give?

A solution-focused and person-centred approach, working towards each individual’s unique goals to increase confidence, participation and happiness. It also helps people with interviews and employment.

How much does it cost?

The service is free if you live in the Airedale region. If you live outside Airedale and want to access the Teletherapy, you'll need to ask your local health service whether they will fund it for you. Alternatively, they accept private referrals if you're able to fund the therapy yourself. For more information, email Stephanie at the address below.

How can I apply for Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is only available if there is no NHS service where you live, so please contact your local service first. To find your local NHS speech & language therapy service, search online for 'adult NHS speech and language therapy + the area where you live'. Or call our Helpline free on 0808 802 0002 (open weekdays 10am-12noon & 6pm-8pm) or email and we'll find out for you.

If you have done that and been told that there isn't a service for you, you can then apply for teletherapy. Fill out the teletherapy form here and we will forward it to Airedale NHS. 

Where can I find out more?

Visit the Airedale NHS's website here

Email Stephanie Burgess at

Watch a video about Airedale's teletherapy service below.

Michael Palin Centre teletherapy

The Michael Palin Centre (MPC) offers an online telehealth option for the full range of their assessment and therapy services for children, young people, parents and adults.

What therapy does it give?

It will first carry out an assessment, which will help them decide with you what the therapy might involve.

Options include Palin Parent Child Interaction Therapy; Palin Stammering Therapy for School Children; support with thoughts, feelings and confidence building; social communication skills development; and/or speech modification. Members of the team have additional training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness.

The team will establish with you the best way of interacting together online (via Skype or other platforms) and will ask you to complete special consent forms so that there is a shared understanding of issues such as confidentiality. 

How much does it cost?

Services may be funded by the NHS or self-funded. Contact MPC at the below email address for further details.

It's also available for people outside of the UK. Please note that certain locations, e.g. in the USA have local guidelines regarding license to practice which the team will discuss with you if relevant. Email them using the below address for more details. 

How can I apply for teletherapy?

For more information of MPC's telehealth service, email

Or visit their website for more details and a referral form.