Specialist Services

People practicing costal breathing in a group therapy setting

In the right-hand menu (or the menu below this page if you are using your mobile phone) are links to the key services for people affected by stammering in the UK.

*Note: Covid-19 is affecting courses and therapies. See our article 'Therapy, courses & covid: What's happening?' to find out what the current situation is. 

These services offer regular one-to-one therapy, group therapy, intensive and non-intensive courses and therapy via video call (teletherapy).

Some of these are provided by the NHS and only available locally. Other NHS services, like Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and the Michael Palin Centre, are also available to people outside of the area with support from your GP. Services like City Lit, the McGuire Programme and the Starfish Project are not NHS.  

You may find that there is no NHS service for people who stammer in your area. If that’s the case then look at other providers, look into the Teletherapy option or see our information about private therapy (see the bottom of the page at this link). 

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If your selected therapy is provided by a registered speech & language therapist and you are unhappy with the service, then please contact the Health and Care Professions Council. If you use a service not provided by a registered speech and language therapist, you need to know that there is no professional body who you can go to with any complaint.

If you run a specialist service and would like to be listed on our website, please read our Guidelines for inclusion (pdf) and then download and complete this 'Template for information about stammering approaches form' (in Word here or pdf here). Please note that for NHS services, we will only include details if it is a specialist stammering centre and/or able to offer something ‘extra’ to other NHS services (i.e. it's open to receiving referrals outside the area).

To see the different services available, look at the menu at the top right of this page (or below if you are using a mobile phone).

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