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University Students Who Stutter Online Group

A monthly online group for uni students who stammer/stutter, with social and practise meet-ups.

Group founder Callum says, "University Students Who Stutter is a support group who meet up virtually to socialise with fellow university students who stutter. It's for university students from all locations, and we also welcome parents of students and anyone applying to university. 

'We have social meet-ups where members can catch up and share how they have been doing lately as well as any highs or lows, etc. We also have separate speech practise sessions where students can practise speeches, presentations or interviews they have coming up".

Dates & times

Both online meet-ups are monthly: the social meet-up is on the first Tuesday of every month. Dates of the practise meet-ups are to be confirmed.

How to join

If you'd like to join the group you can sign up via its website (Update April 2024: sorry, the site seems to be down at the moment. We're looking it and will hopefully add the link soon).

If you have any questions, email Callum at

See what other online or in-person stammering groups are meeting on our Groups page.

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