Cardiff & South Wales Network

A notable building in Cardiff

The South Wales Stammering Network is a group that meets in Cardiff.

Organiser Hayley says, "This group is very informal, we usually sit drink tea/coffee, eat biscuits and chat about everything stammering! We also do a range of different things each week such as speaking circles, interview and presentation practice and other speaking exercises. We share experiences and support each other in upcoming events that may be troubling us due to our dysfluency. There are a range of ages that attend the group and we have all formed friendships over the 10+ years it has been running. Group members can even participate in running the group sessions if they want." 

This group covers the whole of South Wales and is aimed at individuals who stammer as well as families and friends of those who stammer. 

Times & venue

The South Wales Stammering Network is meeting in person again. It meets on the last Wednesday of every month at Tremorfa Community Hall, Tweedsmuir Road, Tremorfa, Cardiff, CF24 2QZ from 7pm-9pm.


Get in touch with Hayley. Email her at
Phone: 07751950578  
Visit the group's Facebook page.