Professional Networks

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Join the growing list of networks set up by and for people who stammer at work. Do you want to set up the next one?

STAMMA supports individuals, organisations and institutions in setting up stammering networks to connect with others who stammer. See the different networks below. If you've got a network, tell us about it. Or if you'd like to set one up, email Vee at

Stammering Networks

BBC Stammering Support Network
Civil Service Stammering Network
Institute of Acoustics Stammering Support Network
Met Police Stammering Network
NHS Stammering Network
STAMMA Defence
STAMMA Educators
STAMMA Nuclear
Stammerers Through University Consultancy

The Equality Act 2010 has significant implications for people who stammer at work, so we've created resources you can use. Check out our Stammering at Work section for information around employment, the law, workplace bullying and reasonable adjustments.

(Photo: Network leaders Prasan Modasia (STAMMA Legal), Liz Reschwamm (Met Police), Clive Collins (BBC), Bhupinder Purewal (STAMMA Educators) & Yincent Tse (NHS))