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STAMMA Online Events

We have been putting on quizzes and workshops over Zoom. See our Online Events Calendar to see what you can join in with.

Group video calls

Support or self help groups
Some local stammering groups now meet online and welcome people from all over the world. See our Online Events Calendar to find out which groups you can join.

Stutter Social
This is a Google Hangout, not organised by STAMMA, where you can see and talk to up to 10 people at a time. You will need a Google+ account to take part. They also have a Facebook page.

Facebook support groups

The STAMMA — Space for Stammering group
Moderated by STAMMA staff and volunteers, our Facebook group is an online space where people can share experiences, ask for advice and talk openly about stammering. It's a 'closed' private group, so any posts made in the group are only seen by group members. See our Facebook group rules.

UK Peer to Peer Support Group for Parents of Children who Stammer
A Facebook group for parents of children who stammer to support one another and share their experiences, thoughts and ideas.

A group for those people who stammer who want to get into, get on and get the most out of the world of work.

Women Who Stammer
A supportive closed Facebook group run by a diverse group of women who stammer, for women who stammer.

Women Who Stutter: Our Stories
A closed Facebook group for women who stammer to share their experiences.

STAMMA Striders
A closed group for people who enjoy walking in the great outdoors of the UK who happen to stammer or have an interest in stammering. The group arranges walking events.

Passing Twice
A Facebook group for LGBT+ people who stammer and their allies.

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other Websites

Scottish Stammering Network
A charity providing free support groups and open days for people in Scotland. They also have a Facebook page.

Stories, blogs and videos aimed at bringing people who stammer together.

Franky Banky
Author and illustrator Daniele Rossi presents the adventures of Franky Banky, the comic fox who stammers.

Message Boards and Forums

A Reddit forum around stammering. You will need a Reddit account to take part.

Neuro-Semantics of Stuttering
This Yahoo group focuses on neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and neuro-semantic tools. You will need a Yahoo account to join.


Remember: you should not give out personal information in chat rooms, mailing lists, etc. Read more at the website.

If you know of any other websites or groups you find helpful, let us know. E-mail

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