The Jersey Stammering Support Group

The Jersey Stammering Support Group

Times and venue

Meetings are held once a month, either on a Saturday morning from 11am to 1pm, or on a weekday evening, for a restaurant meal.


Email: Tom on[@]
Phone: 07700716918
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Tom says, "The group was formed for people in Jersey (and occasionally elsewhere) with a stammer. The aim is to provide a friendly and supportive environment where people with a stammer can talk about their speech amongst people with similar issues and experiences.

Even if you don't have a stammer yourself, you may have friends or relatives who do, and there is still a benefit to finding out more about the support available.

Meetings usually consist of general conversation and catching up with events in our lives. If anyone has an issue they want to work on, e.g., using the phone, we'll do some mock calls for practice and to help confidence. Sometimes we arrange a phone call or video chat with another group or person who stammers. Occasionally a local Speech and Language Therapist will attend.

It is entirely up to the individual if they come for the full two hours or just pop in and say "hi". There is also no expectation that anyone has to say or do anything they do not feel comfortable doing. We want to help and support people with a stammer, and this group is just an option should they wish to pursue it.

Last but certainly not least, there is always tea and coffee, and the occasional biscuit!"

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