Birmingham Stammering Network

Members of the Birmingham Stammering Network looking at the camera

Monthly meetings in Birmingham for people who stammer.

Organisers Abed and Gillian say, "This is a group aiming to make Birmingham and surrounding areas a better place for people who stammer. We are led by a small steering group which includes people who stammer, local speech & language therapists and students.

'We hold monthly events — some only for people who stammer (socials) and some open to everyone (formals). During our socials, we play a lot of fun games and it is very laid back. During our formal events we have speakers who stammer presenting a topic of their choice. They also share words of wisdom and run a couple of activities for the audience. All events will provide you with opportunities to meet with, talk to and learn from others in a safe, pressure-free and friendly environment. Taking part is optional!" 

Times & venue

*Due to Covid-19, the Birmingham Stammering Network are now holding events online over Zoom, which are open to anyone in the world. See their Eventbrite page for details of all upcoming events.

When it can meet in person again, meetings are held monthly (dates vary) at various venues in Birmingham city centre or at one of the local university campuses.


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Members of the Birmingham Stammering Network