Belfast Stammering Group

A famous building in Belfast

A new group for people who stammer in Belfast. It's currently looking for members, so get in touch with Pearse below if you're interested.

Times & venue

Meetings are held once a month at Belfast City Hospital at around 5pm to 6pm. 


Email Pearse on pmcconville09[@]


Pearse says, "I'd like the group to be informal and aimed at building self-esteem, where we all coach each other. I want everyone to have an equal voice in the group. The first meeting should be informal and just involve tea and coffee and getting to know each other.

'I'm interested in exploring a 'walk and talk' aspect to the group to try and combat loneliness that people with a stammer may find. You'll be able to get some exercise as well as practicing talking and walking together.

'We could also do role plays to practise telephone or interview skills, supporting and mentoring each other."

(Image courtesy of K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash)

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