Local Groups & Networks Coordinator

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11th September 2020

Help our local groups and national networks thrive, under Covid, after Covid -  locally, at work and socially.   Bring your skills, your imagination and your passion to this brilliant new post.

Local Groups & National Networks Coordinator

Hours:    Full time
Salary:   In the region of £28,750
Location:   Negotiable, regular travel to London office
Contract type:   Permanent
Closing date:   Friday 30th October

About the role

We want to ensure that we have local groups across the UK which are welcoming and engaging and provide a consistent quality experience to new and existing members. More, we want to expand our network, and create more local groups — and ideally more national networks, like the Defence Stammering Network or the Stamma Civil Service

Your job is to work with the 30-40 odd volunteer organisers of local groups and national networks, many of whom have been involved in Stamma for many years, and look at what they need in terms of resources and information and support — and knit that into an overarching plan; one that delivers a common understanding and agreement between ourselves and the organisers — and ensure that people taking part in local groups, online groups, networks, experience a consistent quality experience.

Your first task will be to bring together the group organisers and help them gel as a team; give them the confidence, knowledge and resources to develop their group, support each other and play an engaged part in Stamma.

About You

We are looking for someone who is a born organiser. Good with people, you think on your feet, a problem solver. 

You will like meeting people, be a great listener, a great organiser and by definition be a good planner. Good taking thought to deed, coming up with a plan, writing it down succinctly and clearly, getting agreement, putting it into action. You'll be hoping to be able to travel widely, and meet everyone. Failing that you’ll be pretty great at organising and running Zoom meetings. Not bad too at social media. You are as at home with local groups as you are with a huddle of city bankers — able to stand up and present with passion and clarity.

Local Groups & Networks

A local group could consist of 4 or 40 people meeting at a public hall, pub or university, going for a ramble, or sitting down for a group knit at the Community Centre. We need a clear agreement in place for how groups are run and promoted, where data is kept, how people are protected, and importantly, the messaging around stammering. Your job is to get all this into place.

You will also be responsible for helping secure and set up new local groups and networks — recruiting organisers and coordinators, helping knit them into the network which you'll also set up.

There is growing demand and interest in setting up networks within organisations and across branches to support those who stammer, whether in the workplace or in education. You'll be over this like a rash, sourcing and developing resources and materials for use locally or to make available online, tailored to the different environments. This is a huge area to get on top of, but no rush.

You'll set up systems and relationships so that local organisers are kept up to date, can support each other and keep the organisation grounded. In return we'll be looking to organisers to help set up local open days, family events, our biennial conference and workshops. And working together, from the ground up, we will create a better world for people who stammer.

If this is you and this excites you, then join us.

For more information, download the pack, application form and monitoring form and send these back to us by Friday 30th October.

Please also take a moment to read our policies on job applicant privacyequality & diversity and data protection.

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