Study: Diagnosing stammering & ADHD in Children

5th January 2021

An invitation to take part in a research project into stammering and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in children aged 7-15.

Researchers at University College London (UCL) are looking for children aged 7-15 to take part in their research into diagnosing stammering and ADHD. Children can either stammer or have ADHD, or they can have both conditions to take part. 

Background & purpose

The research team are looking to develop a tool that would help identify whether a child has both a stammer and ADHD at an earlier age. 

Robin Lau, one of the researchers for the project says, "The rate of children who stammer and also have ADHD is high. Past research shows that children who have both do not respond as well as others to speech and language therapy. Identifying whether a child has both conditions at an early stage could help improve their future treatment."

What does it involve?

If you and your child take part, the research team will invite you to a video call meeting over Zoom. During the call, a researcher will ask your child to complete a short questionnaire, choosing between one of four images for each question.

They will then ask children to read a short story with 200 syllables, which will be recorded for team to analyse later. As parent you will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire with 18 questions about your child. Robin says the whole thing should last approximately 30 minutes.

Who can take part?

The UCL research team are looking for children aged between 7 and 15 who have a stammer and/or a diagnosis of ADHD. They do not not have to have both conditions — you can take part if your child stammers but doesn't have ADHD, or if they have ADHD but don't stammer.

Will participants be paid?

Participants will get an Amazon voucher worth £10.

How to take part

If your child meets the requirements mentioned above and you would like to take part in the research, or if you have any questions, please contact Robin Lau by emailing or phoning 07445134693.

The study closes in February 2021.

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