Project: How has social distancing affected people who stammer?

24th September 2020

A student at Cardiff Metropolitan University is looking for people to take part in her research project into the effects of social distancing measures on people who stammer.

Background & purpose

Tamsin Lewis says, "The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have left many of us turning to technology, such as video calling platforms, to communicate with others. As part of my final year project, I want to look at the effects, if any, this is having on the working lives of people who stammer — on their communication style, wellbeing and fluency. I want to compare how these different methods of communication are used both before and during lockdown, in the home environment and at work. 

'Hopefully the findings will help to highlight the impact of using technology to communicate for people who have communication difficulties and to amplify the point of view of people who stammer."

What will it involve?

If you want to take part, Tamsin will email you with a link to an online questionnaire, which should online take 6 minutes to complete. You can fill out anonymously if you wish.

Who can take part?

You must be over the age of 18 and identify as someone who stammers. 


Tamsin is looking to close the project at the end of October.

How to take part

Access the survey by clicking on this link: 


For more details, email Tamsin on

For full details of the project, download the Participant Information sheet below.

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