‘Benetalk’ device study

A company called BeneTalk are looking for participants aged 18-60 to take part in a study with the University of Reading to test its app for people who stammer.

Background and purpose

The creators of BeneTalk say, "There is a lack of research into the effectiveness of mobile applications designed to help people who stammer. The current study carried out by BeneTalk and The University of Reading aims to address this issue by assessing the effectiveness of a new mobile app as a stand-alone solution for learning and maintaining new speaking habits and decreasing speech-related anxiety.

'The content of the app has been designed by clinically trained stammering specialists and is based on prolonged speech, a speech restructuring method that has been found to be effective in adolescents and adults who stammer. The app also incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to improve overall confidence and wellbeing."

What will it involve?

The study will last 12 months in total but only three of these months will be spent with intensive practice; the rest of the time will be used to see if the new speech techniques are being transferred into everyday life.

Each participant will have free access to the Beta version of the app, with content and practise exercises specifically designed for people who stammer. Participants will complete a short online assessment at the beginning of the study, at three months, six months and at the end of the project.

Who can take part?

The researchers are looking for people who stammer over the age of 18 from around the world with a good level of English proficiency. The participants need to own a smartphone.

Where is it?

All assessments and follow-up will be carried out remotely via email and videoconferencing.

When is it?

They are recruiting participants throughout 2020/21.


If you would like to participate or have any other queries please email speak@benetalk.com

For more information about the device, go to www.BeneTalk.com

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